Danish mobile phone use adds to, rather than replaces, fixed net telephony  

A new report shows that Danes' use of mobiles in H1 2003 grew by 2,300 hours while fixed net calls only reduced by 175 hours.

A new report from the National IT and Tele Agency shows that in H1 2003, speaking time on mobile telephones set a new record of nearly 2 billion minutes (equivalent to over 6½ hours for every single Dane). Mobile traffic has grown by over 2,300 hours while speaking time on fixed net telephones has decreased by only 175 hours. The figures amply demonstrate that Danes are using mobile phones to supplement, not replace, their fixed net telephone calls.


The report also shows that the tele companies in Denmark have increased their mobile telephone customer base by almost 66,000. The number of stationary internet connections is also continuing to rise. In H1 the ADSL customer base increased by 27%, with the result that Denmark now has more broadband connections on a per capita basis than any other EU country. National daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten reported the news.

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