Danish public sector gears up for big savings as E Day approaches  

From 1 September all Danish local authorities, county councils and state organisations must communicate digitally with each other

From 1 September this year, which has already been dubbed "E Day", all local authorities, county councils and state organisations in Denmark will be obliged to communicate digitally with each other. The Ministry of Finance's Digital Taskforce estimates that if all goes according to plan the transfer to internal digital communication will generate savings of approx. DKK 184 million (USD 27 million) in the first year.


On postage stamps alone the savings are estimated at DKK 42 million (USD 6.2 million) in the first year. If the new era ushered in by E Day lives up to expectations, the average municipality should save DKK 230,000 each year. Denmark has 271 municipalities, 14 county councils and 94 state organisations. The news is reported by Computerworld online.

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