Danish research satellites due to go into orbit  

Two of the world's smallest satellites, built by Danish universities, are due to go into orbit 30 June

Engineering students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Aalborg University (AAU) respectively have built two of the world’s smallest satellites, which will be put into around the Earth on 30 June this year.


The purpose of DTU satellite, DTUsat, is to experiment with a new way of decelerating satellites so that the orbital height can be reduced. By lowering a satellite into the earth's atmosphere, it can be burnt up and thus completely disposed of. At present, satellites which have fulfilled their purpose usually remain in orbit and certain areas of space have become overcrowded as a result. The congregation of space junk means that new satellites cannot be safely deployed in those areas.


The purpose of AAU’s satellite, AAU Cubesat, is to demonstrate that even a small satellite can be used to make measurements. AAU Cubesat will take photographs of planets, stars and the surface of the Earth; it can take colour pictures of areas with dimensions as small as 100 x 100 km. AAU says that success with their satellite will mean that a lot of money can be saved in the future by using smaller, cheaper satellites than is the norm today. The news is reported on www.ingenoren.dk.

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