Danish researchers patent new flu treatment in US, Europe and Australia  

Danish company Profylakse ApS has patented a method of disabling the influenza virus by protein binding

Danish company Profylakse ApS has taken out US, European and Australian patents on a new way of treating influenza and influenza-like infections. Profylakse's MD, Sven-Erik Svehag, is a professor at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense, who together with lecturer Ellen Holm Nielsen and doctor Ove Andersen have found a protein that binds to the surface of influenza A virus, the most widespread type of influenza in the world. The fortunate result is that the bound virus is unable to infiltrate cells and precipitate the illness.


The patents are based on research into the naturally occurring protein SAP, which inhibits infection by influenza and similar viruses. The effect of existing flu vaccines is limited to the virus types used in their preparation, whereas SAP has been shown to be effective against all virus types studied. The hope is that recombinant SAP as a nasal spray will be able to prevent the spread of influenza regardless of the specific virus type involved.


Profylakse is currently in contact with both US and European medico companies regarding production and marketing of the new treatment. Around 120 million people in the US, Europe and Japan are afflicted by influenza each year and the associated annual death toll is about 1 million.

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