Denmark pumps state money into the new Center for Grid Computing  

The State Scientific Research Council has granted DKK 7.5 million to the new Center for Grid Computing

The State Scientific Research Council (Statens Naturvidenskabelige Forskningsråd) has granted DKK 7.5 million to a new Danish institution, the Center for Grid Computing, writes the PC magazine Computerworld. The aim of the new centre is to spread the use of grid computing among Danish researchers and to conduct research into unsolved data problems within Grid computing.


Traditional grid computing involves several computers working together to solve one or several problems as if they were a single computer. The individual computers can either be connected via the internet or via a company’s intranet. According to the new centre the ultimate objective of grid computing is to connect all the computers in the world, from the little PCs to giant supercomputers, into one gigantic virtual computer. In this global computer all the connected resources – calculation power, storage space and databases will be for shared use. The Center for Grid Computing expects that within 2 years science will be using grid computing for calculations.

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