Denmark signs up for a digital future  

In a month's time, Danes will be able to use an official digital signature to send legally binding documents by e-mail

The Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation has chosen TDC (Denmark’s largest telecompany) as the official supplier of digital signatures. In about a month from now, Danes will be able to use the legally binding digital signature to sign and deliver their tax returns via the internet, for example. Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Helge Sander has promised a legislative modernisation programme that will transform public sector administration into a true Digital Denmark.


A press release from the Ministry states: “The digital signature is a very important tool in the government’s effort to digitalise the public sector and promote effective and targeted IT usage in private companies”. Both Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue anticipate major simplifications in handling cases with the advent of the digital signature. The news is reported by

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