Denmark's private and public sector prepares for IP telephony  

Denmark's largest telecompany TDC expects that half a million Danes will be using IP telephony within 5 years

Private sector companies and local public authorities in Denmark have progressed plans to exchange their traditional fixed net telephones with internet-based telephony (IP telephony) which is considerably cheaper to use. Denmark's largest telecompany TDC has acknowledged the threat from IP telephony and expects that half a million Danes will be using IP telephony within 5 years.


Most of the large switchboards in companies are being exchanged for new ones in preparation for IP telephony, and many companies are already using IP telephony internally.


According to teleanalyst Torben Rune of Netplan, one of the current problems with IP telephony is that one cannot phone a fixed net telephone without routing through the old net. It is however only a matter of time before this technological obstacle is removed using gateways to connect internet and fixed net. Torben Rune reckons that in two years it will be possible for companies to conduct all their telephony via the internet. The news is reported by daily business newspaper ErhvervsBladet.

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