Digital Denmark impresses Siemens  

Siemens prepares to incorporate its Nørresundby-based company into the Siemens Group, and employ 20 more staff

German industrial conglomerate Siemens is reportedly so satisfied with Denmark as a development country for its mobile phones that Siemens Mobile Phones in Nørresundby, Northern Jutland, will be incorporated into the Siemens group and 20 more people will be employed. Siemens' flagship model on the mobile market, the forthcoming model SX1, is being developed for production in Denmark – at Siemens' facility in Nørresundby and at Flextronics in nearby Pandrup. Flextronics already assembles up to 10 million Siemens phones every year.


MD of Siemens A/S Jukka Pertola says that with the employment of 20 new staff, Siemens' development laboratory in Nørresundby will become the second largest in Siemens Mobile, and will bring the total number of people working in the Danish company to 270. The mobile market is steadily moving towards very advanced phones which are becoming a pocket computer and telephone all in one unit. According to Jukka Pertola, Denmark has a central position in this development process. Siemens is currently No.2 on the Danish market for mobile telephones with 15% of the market. The news is reported by national daily broadsheet Berlingske Tidende.

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