Embedded software company opens unit in north Denmark  

Embedit aims to capitalise on its growing resources thanks to major orders from Korean company Maxon

As a result of business expansion, software company Embedit has recently opened a new unit in North Denmark with the aim of entering the Wireless and Life Sciences clusters. Thanks to large orders from the Korean wireless producer Maxon, Danish software company Embedit has recorded growth rates close to 100% for each of the last four years and has increased its staff ten-fold.


So far, Embedit has primarily acted on a consultancy basis selling know-how to other companies which then own the end-product. But Embedit's growing workforce is now enabling the company to develop its own products, and thereby boost its turnover. Typical business areas for Embedit are, as the name suggests, embedded software for wireless phones, medical devices and transport equipment for customers such as Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Man B&W and Novo Nordisk. The news was reported by Computerworld Magazine.

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