Europe gets the hots for wireless internet access  

A report from IDC shows that the number of hot spots in Europe has more than quadrupled in the last 12 months

A report from the international analysis institute IDC shows that at the end of 2002 there were some 1,150 "hot spots" in Europe which enable wireless access from laptops and PDAs. The new figure reveals a more than quadrupled increase since the end of 2001 when there were 269 hot spots. In Denmark, the country's largest telecompany TDC has recently installed hot spots at Copenhagen International Airport, and is in discussions over hot spot coverage of 19 Quality, Comfort and Clarion hotels. During the current year TDC expects to install 100 or more hot spots around Denmark.


Meanwhile two specialist companies, Redspot and Organic Network, are also focusing aggressively on the Danish WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) market. During 2003/2004 they expect to establish 2000 locations where Danes on the move can gain wireless internet access. Jyllands-Posten reported the news.

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