Flextronics plans changes to its production strategy  

The Danish mobile phone producer seeks greater independence from Siemens as mega-order nears completion

North Jutland based mobile phone producer Flextronics (headquartered in Singapore) is charting a new course towards increased production of other hi-tech products besides mobile phones. Today it is still the giant order of 33 million mobile phones from Siemens, placed in 2000, which is the lifeblood of the company. This order expires next year, after which production for Siemens will be on a smaller scale. Hence the planned change of course.


Efforts to become more independent of Siemens bore its first fruit last year when the Danish company Kiss Technology placed a production order for 50,000 advanced DVD players. From being purely a manufacturer Flextronics has now started to participate in the development of new products including a digital hearing aid which is planned for launch on the US market. Publication of Flextronics 2002 annual accounts is due soon; meanwhile MD Peter Hinrup has revealed that the company's turnover will be up by around 50% at approx. DKK 5 billion (USD 790 million). The news is reported by daily newspaper Jyllandsposten.

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