Fluxome Sciences in strategic US partnership  

Danish biotech company Fluxome Sciences makes cooperation agreement with US biotech company Bio-Technical Resources

Danish biotech company Fluxome Sciences A/S, based at the Technical University of Denmark, has entered a cooperation agreement with the US biotech company Bio-Technical Resources concerning development of optimised fermentation processes. Initially the two companies have made a shared marketing agreement, but the plan is to jointly explore research and development projects with other biotech companies.


MD of Fluxome Sciences Jens Nielsen says that one of the promising areas is optimising the production of antibiotics. According to Nielsen, Fluxome is particularly good at understanding biochemical interactions within cells, the transformation of sugars into antibiotics and using genetic engineering to optimise processes. Bio-Technical Resources has been present on the US market for more than 25 years and Jens Nielsen sees the new agreement as an opportunity to enter future contracts. The news is reported by biotechdenmark.dk.

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