Four fledgling IT companies get cash injection from Symbion Capital  

Symbion Capital and other investors put around DKK 12 million into AudioAsics, Noise Limit, Atinec and MAT

Venture company Symbion Capital has together with other investors given a cash injection of around DKK 12 million (USD 1.9 million) to four fledgling IT companies: AudioAsics, Noise Limit, Atinec and MAT. AudioAsics received the lion's share of DKK 7.5 million for continued development of analogue and digital chips for small microphones in mobile telephones. The company is currently negotiating with six major microphone manufacturers in South Korea and Japan and is expecting to supply chips to some of them next year.


Noise Limit is developing an advanced new cooling system which will remove heat soundlessly from future PCs and thus improve the working environment. Atinec develops tools for the global chip design industry. The company has developed a new method for simulation of chip design, a simulation accelerator which can simulate up to 1000 times faster than the software simulators currently on the market. MAT is developing a new piece of calculation software for professional and private users of calculating tools. The software is based on newly developed patentable principles for graphic processing of numbers. The news is reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen online.

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