Greenland gets high speed internet access  

Tele Greenland and Siemens join forces to give the 56,000 islanders ADSL internet access

The Greenland telecompany Tele Greenland, which is owned by the Greenland Home Rule Government, will offer its customers high speed ADSL internet connections from 2004. Tele Greenland has just entered a contract with Siemens to supply the ADSL equipment and hopes to achieve the same success with the ADSL product that TDC (Denmark’s largest telecompany) has had in Denmark. So far the Greenlanders have been offered ISDN connections as a fast internet service.


Greenland, which is a part of the Danish kingdom, was discovered by Eric the Red around 982. It is the world's largest island and lies between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. The population, which numbers a mere 56,000, is spread among 18 towns and a similar number of settlements along the coasts. Greenland has undergone an extensive digitalisation programme which was completed in 1997. Since then the 100 telephone exchanges, 2000 km long radio circuit, satellite system and connections between the settlements have all become fully digital. The news is reported by Computerworld online.

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