Grundfos moves into microchip manufacture  

The Danish pump giant is starting up chip production activities for microsensors

Danish industrial pump giant Grundfos has announced the manufacturing start-up of chips for microsensors at its semiconductor production facilities in Farum, north of Copenhagen. The facilities were established after several years of research conducted by Grundfos in co-operation with the Micro Electronics Centre at the Technical University of Denmark.


The semiconductor chip is made from silicon wafers, and has a patented coating which protects the advanced electronics from harsh liquid environments. Grundfos believes so much in the technology and patent that it has invested multi-million sums in development and in advanced equipment at the factory.


Grundfos expects to manufacture some two million tiny pressure sensors for the chips annually. Unlike traditional pressure sensors, the Grundfos microsensor is so tiny that in principle it can be integrated in even the smallest pumps. In the short term the production of microsensors is slated for use in Grundfos' own products, but in the long term the microsensors may be adapted to other commercial uses involving the measurement of pressure, flow and temperature in liquids in general. The news is reported in national newspaper Jyllands-Posten and on the Grundfos website.

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