High speed internet provider gets further investment boost  

Dansk Bredbånd A/S is to get a DKK 48 million cash injection from new and existing investors to connect up 20,000 more households

Dansk Bredbånd A/S, which supplies highspeed internet connections to private households and small companies in Denmark, is to get a DKK 48 million (USD 7.7 million) cash injection from new and existing investors. The new investors are the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Fund and InnFond; the existing investor is Dansk Kapitalanlæg. The investment will be used to give more Danish households broadband connections which can supply both telephony, TV and internet.


Director of Dansk Bredbånd Kim Sonne says their target is to reach 20,000 more households in the Copenhagen area in addition to the 5,000 who already have broadband from the company. Dansk Bredbånd collaborates with local electricity suppliers, and when they have installed optical fibres in Jutland and Funen, Kim Sonne expects more customers to sign up. The news is reported by computerworld online.


According to figures from the EU Commission published in September, Denmark has more computer broadband connections than any other EU country with 10.4% of all Danes having broadband subscriptions. The broadband net covers 95% of the country. The broadband supplied by Dansk Bredbånd is based on optical fibre technology and is up to 40 times faster than ADSL.

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