More biotech jobs on the way in the Oresund region  

A new survey carried forecasts that there will be 2,500 more jobs created by 2006

A new survey carried out by the Oresund Region’s Labour Market Political Council and the Labour Market Council for Greater Copenhagen anticipates that there will be 2,500 more jobs created by 2006 in the biotech sector. According to the survey biotech companies in the region are expecting mainly to employ graduates.


There are about 300 biotech companies in Zealand (Denmark) and Skåne (Sweden) which make up the cross-border Oresund Region. They employ 39,000 people of which two thirds are employed in Denmark. Most companies on the Skåne side employ fewer than 20 employees while the figure is generally greater on the Danish side. At the other end of the scale both sides have companies with workforces of more than 500 people. The news is reported by Biotech Denmark online.

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