NeuroSearch alliance with pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline rumoured  

The Danish biotech company is reportedly close to signing an agreement with the Anglo-American concern which will earn NeuroSearch DKK 100 million

NeuroSearch is reported to be close to signing an agreement on entering a strategic alliance with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Industry rumours centre on GlaxoSmithKline as the most likely partner. The agreement is expected to generate earnings of more than DKK 100 million (USD 16 million) for NeuroSearch in the current financial year. It has not yet been revealed whether GlaxoSmithKline will become a stakeholder in NeuroSearch.


Asger Aamund, chairman of the board at NeuroSearch, declines to comment on the rumours. NeuroSearch has negotiated with many potential partners and Aamund isn't prepared to say who has been picked from the shortlist, except that it is a major player.


NeuroSearch is a biopharmaceutical company with compounds in clinical development and a portfolio of drug discovery programmes primarily focused on the area of CNS diseases. The news is reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen online.


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