New Danish nanotechnology centre to specialise in plastics research  

The new centre for nano-structured polymer surfaces will research into implants and has received funding from central government

A new Danish research centre has been established to develop plastic materials and surfaces that are so similar to structures in the human body that they can be used medically. The new centre, appropriately named "The centre for nano-structured polymer surfaces for medical appliances" (Center for nanostrukturerede polymeroverflader til medicinsk anvendelse) has been handed a sizeable wad of cash by the Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation.


Research at the centre will include improving the surfaces of existing implants and developing new devices, for example sensors which can measure certain substances in the body. The new centre is a cooperation between the Biotechnological Institute (Bioteknologisk Institut), Research Centre Risø (Forskningscenter Risø) and the Danish companies Coloplast, Danfoss, Novo Nordisk and Scandinavian Micro Devices. The news is reported by the professional journal The Engineer (Ingeniøren).

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