Novo Nordisk makes a profitable start to the year  

The Danish medical group has published its Q1 2003 accounts showing a healthy growth in turnover and operating profit

The renowned medical group Novo Nordisk has published its accounts for Q1 2003 which shows an increase in net turnover compared with Q1 2002, from DKK 5.481 billion (USD 800 million) in 2002 to DKK 6.106 billion (USD 891 million) in 2003. There was also an increase in operating profit from DKK 1.250 billion (USD 182 million) in Q1 2002 to DKK 1.320 billion (USD 192 million) in Q1 2003. According to the Nordic banking group Nordea’s medical analyst Henrik Simonsen, Novo is managing better in the US than Eli Lilly, but not quite as well as Aventis. However Novo Nordisk is managing better than the others outside the US.


Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk is a world leader in diabetes care, employing 18,000 people in 68 countries and marketing its products in 179 countries. The news is reported in financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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