Pipeline Biotech sets up shop in Medicon Valley  

Contract research organisation Pipeline Biotech has opened premises in Symbion Science Park in Copenhagen

The contract research organisation Pipeline Biotech, headquartered in Aarhus Jutland, has opened premises in Symbion Science Park in Copenhagen. Pipeline Biotech specialises in pharmacological research at the pre-clinical stage and carries out a range of tasks for biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies including proof of concept, screening tests and toxicological and pharmacological analyses of test data.


According to Pipeline Biotech’s director Rasmus Neland, placing the company's business development in Copenhagen is aimed at bringing them closer to their customers, 80% of which are located in Medicon Valley. Pipeline Biotech will finalise its annual accounts in May and is expecting a turnover of around DKK 15 million (USD 2.2 million) for the fiscal year 2002/2003 and a profit margin of approx. 10% corresponding to an organic growth of 50%. The news is reported by biotechdenmark.dk

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