Proxeon in licence deal with University of Southern Denmark  

Proxeon has bought the licence to a commercially promising technique for protein structure analysis

Danish biotech technology company Proxeon Biosystems A/S has signed a licence agreement with the new Contract and Patent Office at University of Southern Denmark. The licence refers to a patented electron source invention, which has resulted from Dr Roman Zubarev’s research in protein analysis at the university. The electron source provides totally new opportunities to analyse the structure of proteins and their drug interaction through a technique known as electron capture dissociation.


According to the director of Proxeon Biosystems A/S, Ole Vorm, the knowledge gained from this analysis has great importance for biotechnology and the medical industry. He estimates that Proxeon can commercialise the product within a year so that it can be sold to larger biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The University f Southern Denmark was paid an undisclosed sum for the license to the invention and will be receive royalties when it is commercialised. The news is reported by

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