Scandinavian airline SAS to sell off its IT company  

SAS plans to sell the Scandinavian IT Group in order to streamline its operation and concentrate on the core airline business

Scandinavian airline SAS is planning to sell its IT company, the Scandinavian IT Group, which has a turnover equivalent to USD 240 million, more than 1200 employees, and is one of Scandinavia’s largest IT companies. The move is a continuation of the sell-off strategy SAS is pursuing with its smaller business units in order to make the group more streamlined and to concentrate on its core airline business.


The Scandinavian IT Group supplies IT solutions for the aviation industry. The SAS group is the largest customer and accounts for 90% of the turnover. The company is expected to be sold to one of the IT industry’s major players, and after the planned sale SAS will continue to be an important customer. Other airlines such as British Airways, KLM and Finnair have also sold or outsourced their IT departments. Airline analyst Brian Jørgensen from Jyske Bank considers it positive that SAS is moving to sell its IT company and concentrate on core business. The news is reported by daily broadsheet Jyllands-Posten.



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