Scandinavian biotech will attract more investment, says US expert Steven Burill  

Worldwide biotech report from Burill & Company says Scandinavia will see higher investment in 2003

In its 17th annual report on the worldwide biotech industry, US firm Burill & Company concludes that Scandinavia will see increased levels of investment in 2003. Director Steven Burill, a leading US biotech expert, says that increasing investments are forecast in Scandinavia, Asia and parts of Eastern Europe, but the European biotech sector will otherwise remain under pressure throughout this year.


According to Burill, the reason for Scandinavia's more positive standing is the clear acceptance and interest in biotech, as well as strength of belief that biotech can solve major problems facing the healthcare sector. 2002 was characterised by general uncertainty and a weak capital market in the global biotech sector, but there were a few bright spots – notably Medicon Valley in Denmark/Sweden, Israel, Canada and parts of Asia where governments continue to pump sizeable sums into biotech. The news is reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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