Solid signs of recovery in the Nordic IT market  

A new survey shows a solid upward trend in IT investment confidence among companies

Following small improvements in the IDC and Computerworld IT Investment index in the second half of 2002, a new survey from January 2003 shows a solid upward trend in IT investment confidence among companies. "There is no longer any doubt that we have bottomed out and the market can be expected to gradually improve over the next six to twelve months" said Per Andersen, managing director of IDC Nordic.


All the signs for 2003 are upward compared to 2002, including financial indicators as well as IDC's IT spending indicators. The prognosis for the year is thus positive, with IDC currently estimating a growth rate for the total Nordic IT market of 4%. Hardware sales in particular are expected to see a turnaround, as customers can no longer continue to postpone necessary hardware upgrades and replacements. The news is reported by Erhvervsbladet.

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