Swiss medical giant Roche buys Danish biotech  

Roche has licensed technology from Up Front Chromatography which enables cheaper production of ingredients

Fledgling Danish biotech company Up Front Chromatography has signed a licence agreement with Swiss medical giant Roche. Copenhagen based Up Front has developed and patented a technology which enables production of certain molecules used in food ingredients. The method might not be new, but what is new is that Up Front has made the production process several steps shorter, thus making it cheaper.


Roche Vitamins, a division of the Roche concern, will use the technology for production of certain ingredients for human and animal foods as well as for pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. Up Front is holding back on revealing how much the license agreement means financially, but the company expects to increase its workforce by 50% this year. Up Front currently employs 17 people. 90% of the shares are owned by the Singapore based venture company Vertex Management with Up Front MD Allan Lihme owning the remainder. The news is reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.

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