Aalborg University wins EU project  

The university has received DKK 80 million from the EU to manage a European research project, the objective is to develop drugs for cancer treatment

Aalborg University has received DKK 80 million (USD 13.6 million) from the EU's 6th Framework Programme to manage a European research project in stem cells and oxygen. The objective is to develop drugs for medical treatment of cancer cells. Professor Peter Ebbesen at Aalborg University's Laboratory for Stem Cell Research will be in charge of the project, and 50 researchers from 30 companies including AstraZeneca and Aventis will be affiliated.


Aalborg University is in charge of another extensive research project, Magnet, under the EU's 6th Framework Programme. Magnet is an R&D project concerning the development of mobile phone communication and has a total budget of DKK 400 million (USD 68 million). The news is reported by BiotechDenmark online.

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