Agreement with Siemens a major breakthrough for Danfysik  

The Danish company has entered an agreement with Siemens to supply unique ion accelerators for cancer treatment each priced at DKK 100 mn

Danish company Danfysik has entered an agreement with Siemens' healthcare division to supply unique ion accelerators for cancer treatment. Danfysik will be the exclusive supplier of a new type of ion accelerator for the treatment of cancer patients in hospitals in Germany. The price of each accelerator is DKK 100 mn (USD 17 mn) and Danfysik expects that the new agreement will triple the company's current turnover of DKK 140 mn (USD 23.8 mn) in three to four years. It is reported that 30 new engineering and specialist jobs are expected to be created from the deal. 


Danfysik's accelerator uses ion species accelerated to extremely high energy, which can accurately hit a tumour without damaging surrounding tissue, a feature which has particular importance when treating cancer cells in the brain.


According to Siemens' calculations, one accelerator can serve a population of ten million, which means that the German market will require eight accelerators. Siemens expects to supply the accelerator to hospitals worldwide. The news is reported by national newspaper Berlingske Tidende.


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