Anglo Nordic biotech conference interests British venture capitalists  

The Danish, Finnish and Swedish Trade Councils held a conference in London on 1 April in a bid to promote Anglo-Nordic biotech partnerships and alliances

An Anglo-Nordic biotech conference was held at the Department of Trade and Industry in London on 1 April 2004, the event being organized in collaboration between the Danish, Finnish and Swedish trade councils in the UK. In addition to promoting partnerships and alliances between the Nordic Region and UK, the event also served to provide latest news on European funding in the biotech market.


The conference enabled Nordic participants from the biotech industry to meet and learn from the British biotech and venture capitalist industry. British biotech companies have for years been regarded as attractive investment opportunities by UK based venture capitalists, but until recently the Nordic market received relatively little attention. But this is now beginning to change.


The conference provided a unique opportunity for all parties to meet and exchange opinions, and good contacts were created with numerous British venture capitalists interested in investing in Danish biotech.

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