BioFund plans major investments in Danish biotech companies  

The Finnish biotech venture fund has announced plans to invest DKK 100 million in Danish biotech companies this year

The Finnish biotech venture fund, BioFund, has announced plans to invest DKK 100 million (USD 17 million) in Danish biotech companies this year. The head of BioFund's Copenhagen office, Seppo Mäkinen, says he is very optimistic concerning the new investments.


Seppo Mäkinen also says that investments totalling DKK 50 million (USD 8.5 million) are planned for the near future. BioFund additionally plans a further three to five investments totalling DKK 50 million. BioFund has already invested in the Danish biotech companies Santaris Pharma, Exiqon and Egalet.


Bio Fund is one of the leading European venture capital management companies investing solely in life sciences. The main sectors of BioFund include Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technologies, Nutrition and Environmental Technologies. BioFund has an international scope, with its main focus centred on Europe, especially the Nordic countries. The news is reported by BiotechDenmark online.

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