Biogen Idec reveals plans for further activities in Denmark  

The world's 3rd largest biotech company, currently building a new factory north of Copenhagen, reveals plans to extend its activities in Denmark

The world's 3rd largest biotech company, Biogen Idec, which is currently building a new factory in Hillerød north of Copenhagen, has revealed plans to extend its activities in Denmark. The current building work is slated for completion in 2008, and is Biogen Idec's first factory outside the US. It will primarily produce drugs for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and psoriasis.


James C. Mullen, CEO of Biogen Idec, says that part of the group's strategy is to have the option of either extending production in Hillerød or creating facilities such as filling, packaging and distribution. It is also likely that Biogen Idec will commence research and development work in Denmark.


Mr. Mullen says that Danish universities, the major pharmaceutical companies and the many small biotech enterprises form an ideal base for Biogen Idec, providing many opportunities for collaboration. He adds that Denmark is an ideal country for a research based company to establish its business due to the country's unique education and labour market structure, and the very high efficiency of the public authorities. The news is reported by national newspaper Berlingske Tidende.


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