Biotech company Unisense raises cash for new project  

Aarhus based Unisense has raised DKK 1.5 million from existing investors to start a new project for improved fertility treatment

Aarhus based biotech company Unisense has raised DKK 1.5 million (USD 255,000) to start a new project for improved fertility treatment. The money comes primarily from existing investors, who chiefly comprise the current staff. Unisense has also persuaded researchers abroad to invest in the company – two US researchers have taken up the offer.


Unisense aims to improve the success of fertility treatment by developing a method which can improve the selection of the most suitable eggs through measuring the respiration rate in individual eggs. So far fertility specialists have selected eggs solely on appearance and have not yet been able to assess them objectively. Unisense has entered agreements with three fertility clinics in the US which are interested in testing the method.


Unisense was founded in 1997 by researchers affiliated to the Biology Department at the University of Aarhus. The biotech company develops and produces microsensors and measurement systems. The news was reported by BiotechDenmark online.


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