Borean Pharma buys promising arterial drug  

The biotech company has acquired Proteopharma which holds patents on a protein trimer that may reduce arterial cholesterol plaque

Borean Pharma has acquired the Aarhus based biotech company Proteopharma which holds the patents on a trimeric protein that may reduce arterial cholesterol plaque and prevent blood clots, one of the world's major causes of death. Borean Pharma holds the patents on the technology which Proteopharma has used to develop its drug candidate.


Dr. Riku Rautsola, CEO of Borean Pharma, says the protein has huge potential to become an epoch-making drug. Five large pharmaceutical companies are currently negotiating with Borean Pharma on potential collaboration. Riku Rautsola says they are interested in buying the rights to the drug and that a possible sale could happen this year.


Aarhus based Borean Pharma was founded in 2001. The biotech company's major investor is the Danish asset management and venture company BankInvest Group, which is owned by 46 regional and local Danish banks. Other investors include Novi, Incuba Venture and Cambridge Antibody Technology. The news is reported by financial newspaper Børsen online and on Borean Pharma's website.


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