Breakthrough for Danish biotech company  

The biotech company NatImmune is preparing its first medicament for human testing. The drug may save e.g. cancer patients from potentially lethal infections.
The Danish biotech company NatImmune has due to promising research results been approved for testing a new drug, which may help in the battle against cancer.
The so-called phase 1 test, which has been initiated this week is nothing short of a breakthrough for the biotech company, which has laboratories in the science park Symbion in Copenhagen.
The drug, called MBL, can strengthen the immune system of e.g. cancer patients after chemotherapy. With an injection of the drug the patient may reduce the risk of getting a potentially lethal infection with at least 50%. Apart from being dangerous to the patient, the infections are very costly to treat, prolong the hospitalization period and may cause a break in the cancer treatment programme.
MBL is already present in the human body. However, approx. a third of the population has a natural level of MBL which is so low that the risk of infections in connection with cancer treatment is very high.
Thus, with 30% of all cancer patients as possible customers for NatImmune’s MBL drug, the future is looking bright for the Danish company
MBL is the spearhead in NatImmune’s pipeline of drugs, all of which are results of a public-private research cooperation. The company has a research agreement with the University of Aarhus, which secures the company a steady flow of ideas and patent opportunities.
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