Danish American biotech company Acadia reaches first milestone  

US based Allergan has selected the substance muscarine for further development from its Danish-American collaboration partner Acadia Pharmaceuticals

US based biotech company Allergan has selected the organic substance muscarine for further clinical development from its collaboration partner Danish-American biotech company Acadia Pharmaceuticals. Muscarine has shown good results in preclinical tests against glaucoma and Allergan is expecting a breakthrough in the treatment of glaucoma patients.


The two companies entered an agreement in 2003 according to which Allergan has the right to select two compounds from Acadia Pharmaceuticals. Acadia will receive payments for reaching the first milestone and additional payment as the drug development proceeds.


Acadia Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery company which discovers small molecule drug candidates using its proprietary chemistry-genomics platform. Acadia's corporate headquarters as well as its biological research facilities are located in San Diego, California and its chemistry research facilities are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The news is reported by BiotechDenmark online.


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