Danish IT entrepreneur establishes new company  

Juha Christensen, who formerly had an executive position in Microsoft and lives in the US, is establishing a new IT company in Silicon Valley and Copenhagen

Juha Christensen, who formerly had an executive position in Microsoft's strategic management in the US, and was recently employed in Macromedia, is now establishing an entrepreneurial IT company together with US entrepreneur Jim Morris. The company will be based in both Silicon Valley in California, where Juha Christensen lives, and in Copenhagen.


The new company will work with mobile applications which will be sold via teleoperators, a type of business akin to the successful Japanese i-mode [a proprietary, packet-based information service for mobile phones to deliver content information – Ed]. "We want to create a platform that the content companies can use, says Juha Christensen".


According to Christensen there is a considerable cluster effect in the Øresund region regarding the development of mobile services. He says there are three places in the world where the mobile competence exists on the content side, Japan, Korea and in Copenhagen. The Danish capital is at an early point on the curve, but the city has many advantages because of the presence of innovative people who understand wireless technology, Juha Christensen adds. The news is reported by financial newspaper Børsen.

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