Danish biotech company invents new vanillin production process  

Copenhagen based Poalis has invented a cost-effective biological production process which can make vanillin using microorganisms

Danish biotech company Poalis has invented a biological production process which can make vanillin using microorganisms. In the process, glucose from plant material is converted to vanillin via yeast fermentation. Tune Marschall, managing director of Poalis says productivity is greatly increased with the new production process which means that the company will be able to offer vanillin at a price 50% below the current price for synthetically made vanillin. Vanillin is used in many products including cola, yoghurt, ice-cream, cakes, desserts, perfumes and toothpastes.


In addition to the new production process, Poalis has created a new variant of vanillin, vanillin glycoside, which can prolong the taste and aroma experience of the flavouring. This effect can be useful in a number of products such as perfumes and chewing gums.


Poalis is currently negotiating with companies interested in the new technology. Tune Marschall forecasts that a licence agreement on vanillin could earn Poalis DKK 50 mn (USD 9 mn) annually. The news is reported by daily financial newspaper Børsen.

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