Danish broadband telephony in the pipeline  

Internet broadband company Webpartner to launch telephony via broadband connections from 1st March

Internet broadband company Webpartner is gearing up to introduce telephony via broadband connections on the Danish market. Broadband telephony enables customers to use their datalines for telephone calls via PCs as well as making conventional phone calls. To be able to use broadband telephony, companies must either change their telephone installation to systems based on IP technology or equip existing systems with an interface to the broadband line.


Webpartner will offer broadband telephony to its business customers from 1st March and private broadband users will get the opportunity to use the new system this summer. According to Webpartner, businesses can save money on ISDN subscriptions and pay a relatively small amount for broadband telephony subscriptions. Customers can also phone free of charge when Webpartner's net is used for telephone calls.


Broadband telephony is at an early stage of development in Denmark. Broadband company Arrownet is another supplier which recently promised its customers access to a similar service in the spring. Aarhus based Redspot has also announced that it will launch a broadband telephony product this summer. The news is reported by ComputerWorld online.

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