Danske Telecom to offer rapid wireless broadband via Wimax technology  

From the beginning of 2005 the Copenhagen based supplier of communication solutions will offer very fast wireless internet connections via Wimax technology

From the beginning of 2005, Danske Telecom, a Copenhagen based supplier of communication solutions, will compete on the Danish market for broadband internet connections by offering very fast connections via the wireless technology known as Wimax [Worldwide interoperability for microwave access]. Danske Telecom has two national Wimax licences and a number of regional allowances to run the network in Denmark.


Peter Jerry Sørensen, managing director of Danske Telecom says that Wimax can run at a bandwidth of up to 70 MB/sec. This means that each sender can provide several hundred companies and private customers with very fast connections. Depending on the services required, prices per month are expected to be DKK 200-500 (USD 36-90) for internet usage with wireless telephone calls at speeds of 1-3MB/sec. The news is reported by Computerworld.


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