Denmark's pervasive healthcare expertise is a potential goldmine  

A strong research environment and a leading international reputation in pervasive computing makes Denmark well placed to exploit the rich potential of the next development wave in IT

Internationally, Denmark is at the forefront of development in pervasive computing. One of the hothouses of activity is the growing IT district of Katrinebjerg in Århus, whose computer scientists are among the elite of the IT world. They are heading the development of a new IT architecture which will form the backbone of pervasive computing in the future, with an infrastructure which will make communication much easier for the vast numbers of devices that characterise pervasive computing.


Denmark's status in pervasive computing was recently confirmed in a benchmark study carried out by IBM Business Consulting Services on Pervasive Computing competencies compared to locations in Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, UK and France. Århus emerged as a clear winner both regarding the quality of research and the level of costs for R&D activities.


One Århus based company, Systematic Software Engineering, is involved in several aspects of pervasive computing. In collaboration with Centre for Pervasive Healthcare in Katrinebjerg, the company is developing an intelligent wound plaster with a tiny built-in chip which can communicate with electronic patient records in hospitals. The plaster registers temperature, pulse and oedema and infection risk. The aim is to enable hospital monitoring of patients while being treated at home.


Projects like this have great implications for the future as the populations of advanced industrial nations in Europe get older and older. Aging populations and constantly increasing numbers of people with lifestyle diseases mean that more and more people will need costly healthcare treatment. The development of pervasive computing in healthcare, such as the intelligent plaster, can make a major positive impact on healthcare economics.


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