Embedit to exploit the mechatronics cluster in south Jutland  

The Danish software company specialising in embedded software has set up a new department in south Jutland

The Danish company Embedit, which specialises in embedded software, has set up a new department in south Jutland to advise and handle development projects for companies working in electronics, mechanics and software, known collectively as mechatronics. According to analyses from IBM Business Consulting Services, south Jutland leads the European mechatronics market measured on factors such as knowledge sharing, mechatronics research and training.


Peter Eberle, head of Embedit's new department in Sønderborg, south Jutland says the establishment is part of a strategy to be locally represented where there is a significant activity level in Embedit's business area. And in south Jutland that means mechatronics. In addition there are many companies which do not have electronics and software as their core competencies, but have the need to build intelligence into their products. The news is reported by Computerworld online.


Mechatronics Cluster Denmark in south Jutland offers an innovative environment where companies work together with knowledge and research institutions in the development of new Mechatronics products. Major players in the area include Danfoss, Siemens Flow Instruments and Linak. More information on the mechatronics cluster can be obtained by clicking on the link below.


Link > Invest in Denmark on south Jutland's mechatronics industry (pdf)



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