European Commission and DTU sign agreement on Biosimulation project  

The European Commission and DTU yesterday signed an agreement on 'Biosimulation – A New Tool in Drug Development' – a project in which Novo Nordisk plays a part

The European Commission and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) yesterday signed an agreement on 'Biosimulation – A New Tool in Drug Development' , a new project under the EU's 6th framework programme for research. Biosimulation is a relatively new discipline that uses computer models to examine biological function and predicts drug action. The EU is supporting the project with EUR 10.7 million (DKK 79.5 million) over a five year period.


The aim of the project is to strengthen Europe's drug development competitiveness by bringing together leading European biosimulation experts in BioSim, a scientific network in which Novo Nordisk is the only participating pharmaceutical company. BioSim will be coordinated by DTU and in addition to Novo Nordisk it comprises 25 universities/research centres and the Medicines Agencies in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Spain as well as nine SMEs.


Mads Krogsgaard, research director of Novo Nordisk says that the long term objective of biosimulation is to make the development of drugs faster and cheaper, and also reduce the number of experimental animals and human trials. The news is reported by financial newspaper Børsen and on Novo Nordisk's website.


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