Flexible labour laws attract US firm Arbortext to place Nordic HQ in Denmark  

The US software firm joins the growing list of companies attracted to invest in Denmark on account of its well educated workforce and flexible labour laws

US enterprise publishing software firm Arbortext is among the growing list of companies attracted to invest in Denmark on account of its well educated workforce – especially in IT – and flexible labour laws which enable companies to quickly and easily scale their workforce in response to the dynamics of the market. Arbortext established a Nordic office earlier this year. Although the company has major multinational clients in both Sweden and Finland, Denmark was the location of choice.


Arbortext's Nordic country manager Christian Leander acknowledges that the combination of the right talent and flexible labour market was persuasive, and that the company found the assistance of Invest in Denmark extremely useful in recruitment and facilitating contacts so that the company could focus on its core business activities.


The nucleus of Arbortext’s product range is an Extensible Markup Language (XML) publishing architecture which enables organizations to optimize the potential of the internet, corporate intranets and extranet. Arbortext's software helps companies capture their information in a single media-independent form and automatically publish to multiple outputs such as web, print, CD-ROM and wireless devices.


The quality of Denmark's IT environment has recently been confirmed by a No.1 ranking in INSEAD's eEurope 2005 Index which measures development of ICT and internet usage across the EU. Key contributors to Denmark top ranking were access to the internet, online public services and dynamic e-business environment.


Denmark's output of highly qualified graduates in IT has been strengthened by the establishment 5 years ago of the IT University of Copenhagen. The university is the first of its kind in the world, offering a depth and breadth of IT courses which make it quite unique. News of its existence has spread around the world, attracting many foreign students to apply, especially from India and China.


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