Jutland based Ericsson Dias has developed new ADSL equipment  

Ericsson's Danish subsidiary has developed equipment for faster broadband connections with TeliaSonera among the customers for the new product

Ericsson's subsidiary in Jutland, Ericsson Diax, has developed new ADSL equipment which gives faster broadband connections and enables telecompanies to use the cheap and widely spread Ethernet technology in their network. The new product, Ericsson's Ethernet DSL Broadband Access equipment, offers bandwidths up to 25 Mbit/s. Currently Danish broadband customers have access to a maximum 8 Mbit/s.


Broadband customers will still get a DSL connection (Digital Subscriber Line, a high speed connection which uses the same wires as a regular telephone line), but Ericssons' new equipment will convert the signal to Ethernet at the telephone exchange. Ericsson has just won a contract with TeliaSonera for supplying the new Ethernet DSL Broadband Access product. The news is reported by Computerworld online.

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