Microsoft wants to make the whole world like Denmark  

"Make the whole world like Denmark" is CEO Steve Ballmer's prescription for turning around Microsoft's ailing enterprise applications business

"Make the whole world like Denmark." That is CEO Steve Ballmer's simple prescription for turning around Microsoft's ailing enterprise applications business, which he announced in a keynote speech at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.


The basis of Ballmer's logic is easy enough to see. In Denmark, Microsoft's enterprise resource planning software has a dominant share of the midsize market and a thriving cluster of partners reaching a much broader range of small and midsize customers than the company is achieving anywhere else.


"My ambition is to make the whole world Danish. If we were just as successful in other countries as we are in Denmark, the Microsoft Business Solutions (unit) would be a factor of 10 bigger in terms of revenue," said Ballmer.


It should of course be noted that Microsoft has a natural edge in Denmark, since it is the home ground of Navision, one of a small number of companies Microsoft acquired to create the Microsoft Business Solutions Unit, along with the purchases of Great Plains Software and Solomon.


Microsoft acquired Navision in 2002 for USD 1.76 billion (approx. DKK 11 billion), the second most expensive acquisition in its history up to that time. The news was reported by CNET

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