New Business Case from Invest in Denmark : IBM Development Centre  

Invest in Denmark has just published a business case on IBM, which has placed its Pervasive Computing development centre in Copenhagen

International research consistently confirms that the Danish population are fast adopters of new technology. The commercial reality of "Digital Denmark", together with its compact size and international reputation in Pervasive Computing, has made the country very attractive in this area as a combined investment location and test market. These are key reasons why IBM chose to establish an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Development Centre in Denmark's capital city of Copenhagen. Details of the business case have just been published by Invest in Denmark and can be seen on this website (link provided below).


RFID (Radio Frequency ID) is a technology using microchips equipped with radio antennas, which can be tagged to any type of product. When the chip passes through a magnetic field, information such as the item’s description, origin, manufacturer and time of purchase can be transmitted to a tuned receiver. At the newly established centre in Copenhagen, IBM is developing RFID technology into a range of future business solutions, with the retail sector particularly in mind.


To find out more about why IBM choose Denmark as a profitable environment for investment in Pervasive Computing, click on the link below.


Link > IBM Business Case – Pervasive Computing

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