New Danish technology creates new opportunities for design analysis  

Two Danish graduates have invented a new technology iMotions which can be used for design analysis

Two recently graduated Danes from Aalborg University, Andreâs Àcs and Jacob de Lemos, have invented a new technology which can be used for design analysis. The new technology, called iMotions, combines the ability to perceive and computer vision with cognitive behaviourism and picture processing. Using a computer and a camera, facial expressions including eye movements can be analysed in order to read the person's emotions.


The technology can be used as an analytical tool when assessing product design before starting production. According to Àcs and de Lemos, iMotions can also be used to assess commercials, computer games, security and e-learning. They are currently seeking capital to develop their first beta version of iMotions and have started negotiations with potential investors. The news is reported by financial newspaper Børsen online.

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