New Product Sheet on Robotics is now available on this website  

Invest in Denmark has just released a new Product Sheet on Robotics, available for ordering or download from this website

If you are looking for flexible automation solutions, cutting edge strategic partnerships or a location in an innovative Robotics environment, we recommend that you have a look at Denmark! Invest in Denmark has just released a new Product Sheet on Robotics, which can be ordered or downloaded as a PDF file (requires Acrobat Reader) from the Publications section of this website.


Denmark is at the forefront of development on flexible automation solutions. Danish Robotics competencies are a result of intensive R&D in the area and a concentration of innovative companies that work together with their focus on the challenge of making robots more flexible and adaptive.


The Product Sheet gives details of the technical strengths of the Danish Robotics environment, particularly in the area of robots for small series, flexible production – which opens up new and powerful automation possibilities for small and medium sized companies.


Robotics specific research and the innovative Robotics industry are also covered, as well as a network organisation called RoboCluster which has been established to create a formal link between the different players in the Danish Robotics cluster. In addition to internal coordination of the cluster’s activities, RoboCluster offers to provide assistance to international companies interested in Danish Robotics competencies.


Investing in Danish competencies can put your company among the leaders, enabling you to gain a competitive edge. Being a part of the Danish Robotics cluster is an excellent opportunity to acquire the technological know-how of tomorrow.


For immediate access to the Product Sheet, click on the Robotics -> link shown to the right.

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