New Product Sheet on Wireless is now available on this website  

Invest in Denmark has just released a new Product Sheet on Wireless, available for ordering or download from this website

If you are looking for a wireless cluster with world class R&D competencies, or competent R&D engineers with wireless industry experience, we recommend that you have a look at Denmark! Invest in Denmark has just released a new Product Sheet on Wireless, which can be ordered or downloaded as a PDF file (requires Acrobat Reader) from the Publications section of this website.


Denmark offers outstanding possibilities for companies searching for a superior location for their wireless R&D business units. Several international players have recognized the value of access to the strong Danish research competencies. Companies that have chosen to locate in Denmark include Ericsson, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Microcell and Siemens.


The Product Sheet gives details of Denmark's first class wireless research environment and includes sections on both the Centre for Tele-Information (CTI) and the Centre for Tele-Infrastructure (CTIF). Denmark's range of innovative entrepreneurial activities, competitive cost structure and ideal attributes as a test market are also covered.


Denmark has a lot to offer companies that wish to benefit from the obvious synergies that can be obtained through the establishment of activities in an innovative environment with a strong presence of wireless industry and world leading research. These are some of the factors making Denmark a prime location for an R&D centre in wireless technologies.


For immediate access to the Product Sheet, click on the link Wireless -> shown to the right.

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