Northern Jutland hospitals to implement Danish developed picture streaming system  

Medical Insight's system for mobile processing of information intensive pictures such as X-rays has been successfully tested at Aalborg Hospital

Hospitals in Northern Jutland County will start using a Danish developed system which makes it possible to stream information intensive picture files directly to PCs or handheld PDAs. Start-up company Medical Insight has invented a system in which raw data from e.g. X-ray and MR scanning is processed by a central Linux cluster which handles the pictures. Doctors can then connect to the central system and work with the files via a client programme which can run on a PC or PDA, thus making diagnostic work more mobile.


The system runs on Intel based servers from IBM with Linux. According to Andy B. Dobbs, director of Medical Insight, the system is up to 40% cheaper than products from competitors. It has been tested in a pilot project at Aalborg Hospital and will now be taken into use in all hospitals in Northern Jutland. The news is reported by ComputerWorld online.


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